Zohar and Noam are creating the world’s first ‘Data Scientist in a box’

Pecan imagines a world where every organization will have data science superpowers. Organizations today require analysts to run predictive analytics that are usually complex and outside of their technical skill set. Pecan automates the entire prediction generation process including the ability to center predictive models around business use cases, connect to data, and generate training models using proprietary machine learning algorithms that recommend where to take action.


What are your areas of interest today? 

Zohar Bronfman – CEO and Co-Founder at Pecan – I focused on the history and philosophy of science and technology for one of my PhD’s. Imagining how technology can be used for good and productive reasons is a core responsibility of any tech founder.

Tell us one moment of personal triumph

Noam Brezis – CTO and Co-Founder at Pecan AI – I had a very religious upbringing and a life-changing moment as a teen was learning to be tolerant and accepting of other views.

What is your favorite mantra 

Zohar Bronfman – CEO and Co-Founder at Pecan –  Once stretched by a new experience, a mind can never return to its old dimensions.

How did you and your co-founder meet?

Noam Brezis – CTO and Co-Founder at Pecan AI  – We met getting our masters, and continued to work side by side throughout our PhDs. We experienced a classic “lightbulb moment” for Pecan just after grad school