Gil is creating the first “bank of banks”



Capitolis’ mission is to create a fairer, safer and healthier financial marketplace where financial institutions become lean from a capital usage perspective.

Capitolis is reimagining capital markets through a collaborative platform and technology that allows the world’s financial institutions to optimize the utilization of their financial resources continuously. Our platform enables the availability of capital to the industry, at a cheaper price point, by diversifying risk across many entities, allowing any institution to optimize with their counterparties continuously and concurrently.


Gil Mandelzis
Founder & CEO

What are your areas of interest today?

I am interested in the future of capitalism, democracy and the human race, and the effects that inequality, life expectancy, AI and genetic engineering will have on them.

One moment of personal triumph.

when I spoke to the Israeli Parliamentary Committee upon completion of a three-year national study on child abuse we initiated, led, and funded.

How did you come up with the idea for Capitolis?

I came up with the idea for Capitolis after the financial crisis and the upsurge in new regulations and was inspired by the massive growth of the sharing economy elsewhere.

What is your favorite mantra?

Life is short, and it can all end tomorrow. Live it fully, enjoy, love, dare, and make sure you do not regret not trying.