Hourly imagines a working world where people can focus on what they love to do.

Small businesses are weighed down with the inefficiencies of time tracking, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance. At Hourly, we have mastered all three by allowing you to run payroll in seconds, see labor costs in real-time, and simplify workers’ compensation audits all from a friendly app on your smartphone.

Tom Sagi
Co-Founder & CEO

What are your areas of interest today?

I am interested in behavioral economics and the rationality behind human decision-making processes.

How did you and your co-founder meet? 

My brother introduced me to Shay, he’s great at finding the right people. He also introduced me to my wife 🙂

Shay Litvak
Co-Founder & CTO

Tell us one moment of personal triumph. 

Skiing with my 10-year old son on his first black run and with my 5-year old daughter on her first blue run.

What is your favorite mantra?

Say yes to change.