Omri and Ronen help companies to virtualize the machine learning infrastructure



Run:AI imagines a world where every computer will have the compute resources to support AI.

Inefficient compute consumption is a primary bottleneck for researchers and data scientists focused on bringing AI solutions to market. With Run:AI, organizations will be able to maximize the productivity of their teams with the world’s first virtualization layer for AI workloads that enables monitoring, control and full utilization of heterogenous compute resources.

Omri Geller
Co-Founder & CEO

What are your areas of interest today? 

Artificial intelligence excites me with its huge potential to find patterns that will solve the unsolved.

One moment of personal triumph.

Graduating with honors for my degree in Engineering was a personal triumph.

Ronen Dar
Co-Founder & CTO

How did you and your co-founder meet?

We researched and wrote papers together at Tel Aviv University under the same academic supervisor.

What is your favorite mantra?

Always be ahead of the curve.