Yoran, Rotem and Ravid are scaling the way security teams operate.



Seemplicity revolutionizes how security teams operate day-to-day with a single platform that automates, optimizes and scales security workflows, making risk reduction a simple, effective and collaborative process.

Even with the best security people deploying the best security scanners, businesses today experience dwell times that are stubbornly long and teams waste thousands of hours on manual remediation. Seemplicty’s end-to-end automation, cuts out the manual work, allowing businesses to move the remediation needle rapidly across an organization. 


Rotem Cohen Gadol, Yoran Sirkis, Ravid Circus
Co-Founder & CTO, Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CPO

How did you and your co-founder meet?

Rotem Cohen Gadol – Co-Founder & CTO –  At least three people in one week wanted to introduce me to Yoran and then later he introduced me to Ravid and we all hit it off immediately.

What is your favorite mantra?

Yoran Sirkis – Co-Founder & CEO – Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

What are your areas of interest today? 

Ravid Circus – Co-Found and CPO – I am interested in modern history. I look at it completely differently today than when I was at school.

One moment of personal triumph.

Yoran Sirkis – Co-Founder & CEO – After months of ideation, team building and product development, it was amazing to see the impact Seemplicity had on our clients and how quickly they were able to achieve success.