Wing Security offers the only holistic SaaS security platform.



Company vision

Our vision is to accelerate the world’s SaaS adoption by seamlessly securing it.

Company overview

Large businesses are vulnerable to security threats as they rely on an ever-growing number of SaaS products to manage their activities. By offering a holistic, end-to-end platform, Wing Security removes the headache of managing multiple security solutions by discovering, monitoring, and automatically remediating major SaaS related
vulnerabilities within an organization, using out-of-the-box playbooks.

Noam Shaar,
CEO and co founder

Galit Lubetzky,
Sharon CTO and co founder

What is your favorite mantra?

Noam: With passion and innovation
you can beat the speed of light.

One moment of personal triumph

Galit: Noam and I have both received
the Israel Defense Award, presented by the President of Israel, for our contribution to the field of cyber security.

How did you and your co-founder meet?

Noam: Galit and I both served and held leadership positions in Unit 8200 and the cyber defense division and have always innovated well together.

What are your areas of interest today?

Galit: Spending time with my family, jogging and long hikes which have become my ultimate meditation.