The first AI powered cloud.



About the company including your vision

Zesty’s vision is to eliminate global cloud inefficiencies.

From SMBs to the enterprise level, companies are failing to make the most of the cloud’s flexibility, leading to 35% waste on cloud infrastructure budgets. Using AI algorithms, Zesty provides several layers of cloud optimization in one consolidated platform that automatically adjusts the cloud to an application’s needs. Companies gain invaluable peace of mind as they save time and money to invest in what matters most.


Maxim Melamedov,

What are your areas of interest today?

Identifying and understanding the common denominator of winners.

Tell us one moment of personal triumph.

Fixing a critical malfunction during a flight over enemy territory during the Second Lebanon War.

Alexey Baikov

What is your favorite mantra?

React quickly. Be flexible and adaptable

How did you and your co-founder meet?

At a previous company, Maxim was dealing with customer pains and I was his gateway to R&D. We found we kept solving each other’s problems.