Aya Peterburg
Managing Partner

All we have is the present. We don’t know what the future will bring. It’s good to recognize boundaries and be aware of our limitations. But where we came from, or even where we are now, is not an indication of where we are going next.

I love the early stage with entrepreneurs when you get to explore and refine ideas. It’s a steep learning curve with lots of interaction and an endless need to think outside the box.

Each entrepreneur faces many different challenges. At some point, they will probably hit a wall.
A few years back, one of my companies was struggling and for three months we went underground until we came up with a winning idea.

Another company needed help opening doors to their first few customers and now they are positioned to scale. I am here to overcome every obstacle.

I am passionate about Math and with machine learning, I am back to logic and formulas with our founders.

The difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘having’ something is ‘doing’ something.

I don’t love the gym but it’s probably the only time I have for myself.

Haim and I work well as a team, we face the same problems but address them from different perspectives.

Even in this great era of AI, it’s still humans that are building the path. We have to know how to work and relate to each other.

While traveling in Dharamshala at the age of 20, I asked a monk from the local monastery to teach me the philosophy of Buddhism.

I don’t know why I chose that particular monk but we had life-changing conversations. Later I found out he was the Dalai Lama’s personal translator. The same monk from Dharamshala said, “The trouble is that you think you have time.” I try to make good use of it.

My mother is a strong woman who taught me the values of hard work and independence.

From an early age, my father was an entrepreneur. I saw the challenges he faced and his resilience. It has had a lasting impact on me.

It’s true, life is a juggle. I believe the sky is not the limit. Your mind is.