Haim Sadger
Managing Partner

Don’t think anything about yesterday is similar to today. It isn’t.

My purpose is to wake up in the morning and change the world, but I cannot change it by myself. By investing in young entrepreneurs, I can see how the world changes for the better.

Apart from pharma, Aya and I invest in everything

Growing up in Haifa in the late 60s, it was much more interesting to learn about the world from books than going to school. Poetry, philosophy, astronomy…. you name it.

I believe we are all born equal. I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 11.

Today AlphaZero is the best chess player in the world but Bobby Fisher was even better. I played with Bobby numerous times at the age of 12.

I studied Electrical Engineering. It meant I could get closer to science.

I was in Silicon Valley from 1990-1996 and then we decided to go back home to Israel. I helped move Intel’s investment arm outside of the US. Despite not really knowing what I was doing, I invested in six companies, of which five were great successes.

I moved from Intel’s investment group and started Sequoia Israel in 1999 because Sequoia U.S. had received more business plans from Israel than any other U.S. region except Silicon Valley.

Once entrepreneurs have an idea they should approach us. They don’t have to come with more developed concepts. We know how to invest in early stage companies.

The relationship between an investor and an entrepreneur is extremely unique and personal. We can often be working together for years. It’s truly symbiotic.

Aya and I care deeply about the entrepreneurs we partner with and they know we will fight for them and be by their side whenever they need us.

Knowing the start-up path is far from linear, I have to be ready for anything that comes my way. I have developed a whole lifestyle to support these experiences.

I practice Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series seven times a week. I wake up in the morning, drink a big glass of water and I am there on my mat for two hours. It’s a way of life.